The Nicollet Island – East Bank Neighborhood Association (NIEBNA) is a Minnesota non-profit corporation with 501c(3) tax exempt status with the IRS.

The current Bylaws and Organizing documents of the Association were adopted in 2011 to replace outdated documents dating from the 1970s.

Purpose and Role of the Association

  • To represent the neighborhood in official actions before the City or Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, and other units of government.  
  • To maintain a good working relationship with the local business community and the Northeast Business Association (NEBA).
  • To appoint representatives to various committees, commissions and task groups that allow and encourage citizen involvement with, and comment on, a wide range of topics.
  • To inform the residents and other stakeholders about events, legislation, government policies, city plan changes, and other things affecting the neighborhood. 
  • To provide a forum for presentations by many groups regarding a wide range of interesting subjects, events and causes. 
  • To sponsor, co-sponsor or support neighborhood events that make living here appealing.
  • To develop and maintain the NIEBNA Small Area Plan which will provide the framework for guiding future development and re-development of the neighborhood.

NIEBNA’s ultimate role is to pay attention to what is happening in and around the neighborhood, both specific events and longer term trends, so that we can take prompt action to remedy problems, and so that we can take proactive actions to improve the quality of life in the Nicollet Island East Bank neighborhood.

Contact Us

Contact NIEBNA If you have questions, concerns or comments, please email NIEBNA’s Executive Director, Chris Lautenschlager, at    

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Board of Directors

NIEBNA operates under the supervision and direction of its Board of Directors.  Directors are elected for three (3) year terms at the NIEBNA Annual Meeting. The Board elects the officers of the corporation (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and will fill seats that become vacant.  The current size of the board is 21. Per the Bylaws: […]

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Agendas & Minutes

The Board has scheduled monthly Board of Director meetings usually the 4th Thursday of the month in the early evening. The venue varies including DeLaSalle High School, Ginger Hop, Lourdes Church, and Riverplace (Wilde Roast / Mattie’s) since these locations have rooms an appropriate size for our meetings.

Board meetings are public and everyone is invited to attend and participate.

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Small Area Plan

Our Small Area Plan (Plan) describes the Nicollet Island-East Bank neighborhood, its past, its present, and its future. The intended audiences for this Plan are city officials, city staff, other governmental agencies, neighborhood volunteers, developers, and residents. The Plan mandates key changes that will increase the neighborhood’s population and expand its economy by varying and […]

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An archive of documents from NIEBNA is being assembled for posting to this website, links will be added as material is uploaded and indexed. Task Groups  

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