Meeting time and location

March 10, 2016
6:30PM to 8:00PM
DeLaSalle High School
Room A-219  (Use main entrance in center of building — then upstairs 1 floor)
1 DeLaSalle Place
Nicollet Island


  1. Call to Order

    1. Verification of Quorum
    2. Approval of Agenda
    3. Approval of  January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes (draft minutes here)
  2. Presentations

    1. Council Member Report – Council Member Jacob Frey
    2. Presentation regarding PinKU Japanese Street Food, another new and interesting establishment near JL Beers (web site here) — Xiaoteng Xavier Huang Managing Partner.    [Board Action: support/oppose]
    3. Presentation regarding expansion of The Butcher Block restaurant (web site here) into the former Pacifier space — Joe Pingatore.   [Board Action: support/oppose]
  3. NIEBNA Administrative Matters

    1. Financial and Business Matters
      1. Treasurer Report (Lisa Hondros)
      2. Approval of Expense Payments
      3. Other Financial and Business Matters
        1. Approval of renewal of General Liability Insurance with American Family (premium – $233)
        2. NIEBNA will participate in the group D&O policy for Minneapolis neighborhood associations administered and paid for by NCR.
    2. Community Participation Plan (CPP) 2015 Annual Report preparation — report due April 29, 2016
  4. NIEBNA Projects and Status Reports

    1. Possible application to Stewardship Grant project of the Minneapolis Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) to fund the cleanup of the Not-A-Lot on Nicollet Island  — Barry Clegg, Victor Grambsch
    2. Application for Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funds — Lisa Hondros (Task Group Chair), Barry Clegg, Victor Grambsch (Current Application Draft here)
    3. 2nd Precinct Advisory Council February 2016 meeting report  (Meeting Notes) — Jeffrey Meehan 
  5. NIEBNA Committee Reports

    1. Technology (Michael Guncheon)
    2. Transportation (Dore Méad, Kevin Upton)
    3. Livability (Barry Clegg)
    4. Economic Development (Kevin Upton)
  6. Other Business and Announcements

  7. Adjourn

Agenda subject to change — order of items may be changed