Meeting time and location – December 8, 2015, 6:00PM to 8:00PM, Ukrainian Event Center, 301 Main St NE (sign-in sheet here)


  1. Call to Order — meeting called to order at 6:35pm by President Grambsch 
    1. Verification of Quorum — Directors Present (Beddow, Casey, Clegg, Folliard, Grambsch, Guncheon, Hondros, Johnson, Lehman, Melzer, Sheran, Steller, Upton, Watkins); Directors Absent (Larkey, Mead, Meehan, Rosenberg, Schneeman, Welton) — Quorum is 7 Directors present, 14 Directors present – quorum verified. (Director Sign-in & Vote Tally  sheet here)
    2. Approval of Agenda — approved without change by unanimous vote
    3. Approval of  September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes (approved minutes here) — approved without change by unanimous vote
  2. Presentations

    1. Council Member Report – Council Member Jacob Frey — CM Frey updated the Board on various topics and the status of projects of interest to the neighborhood.
    2. DeLaSalle (DLS) “Island Garden Initiative” presentation — Tim Lynch, DeLaSalle GREEN Team moderator and three DeLaSalle students gave a report and presentation on “Island Garden Initiative”,  a project by the DLS Green Team to replant an area near the athletic field with more natural and environmentally appropriate vegetation.  The Board was very supportive of the project and made several suggestion for the consideration of the Team. The Board asked to be kept informed of project status and results, but took no formal action in the matter.
    3. Resolution supporting the proposed “Stem Wine Bar” in the Fire Barn (24 University Ave NE, next door to JL Beers) —  Ivy Ivers and Laura Boyd presented and discussed Stem and asked for Board support for the required liquor license. The presentation and establishment concept was very well received. The Board, by unanimous vote, passed a resolution in favor of granting of the required permits and licenses (resolution letter here).
  3. NIEBNA Administrative Matters

    1. Financial and Business Matters
      1. Treasurer Report — Treasurer Hondros reported that the Association is solvent and that there were no financial transactions requiring Board action or confirmation since the prior Board meeting,
      2. Approval of Expense Payments — the Board authorized President Grambsch to purchase a projector and screen for the Association with a cost not to exceed $500. Computer based presentation are frequently made at  Board meetings — some meeting venues do not have adequate or operable equipment available at meeting-time; we should have our own gear.
      3. Other Financial and Business Matters — President Grambsch noted with regard to the Community Participation Program (CPP) contract with the City that runs from calendar 2014 through calendar 2016 (a) the 2015 Annual Report will be due by mid-March 2016  and (b) the total CPP funds has been increased by $9,190 (from $31, 421 to $40,611) due the the City having found some additional money somewhere — we did not ask or apply for the funds, they were allocated to NIEBNA under a formula of (no doubt) breathtaking complexity.
    2. Other Matters — none.
  4. NIEBNA Projects and Status Reports

    1. Kevin Upton and Craig Beddow presented a report and proposed resolution (report text hereNIEBNA/NEBA letter here ) regarding police overtime patrols and re-establishment of the mid-watch beat patrol  in the neighborhood — Board approved resolution by unanimous vote.
    2. Superior Plating site remediation and construction Status Report (text here) — Since Jeffrey Meehan who normally handles this topic could not attend the meeting, President Grambsch gave a brief status report for the project. While there are a few environmental and administrative issues to resolve (mostly regarding the long term placement of the blue tanks to store polluted water before it is shipped off-site for treatment and disposal), the project is still on schedule to start final remediation in January and construction in March or April 2016. No formal Board action taken.
    3. Possible application to Stewardship Grant project of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWNO) to fund the cleanup of the Not-A-Lot on Nicollet Island  — President Grambsch discussed the possibility of the MWMO as a source of funds for this project.  No formal Board action was taken.
    4. Application for Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) funds — Board Member Clegg noted that the City has announced that if no acceptable proposal the final distribution of NRP is received by December 31, 2016, the fund will revert to the City coffers. No formal Board action was taken.
    5. Possible conversion of Ortman St to one-way (from Bank St to Central Ave) — President Grambsch requested that this idea, which originated with some Lourdes Square residents concerned with pedestrian/car interacts at the corner of Central Ave and Ortman St SE, be considered by the Transportation Committee.  The matter was referred to the Transportation Committee.
  5. NIEBNA Committee Reports

    1. Technology (Michael Guncheon) — no formal report — all systems running satisfactorily.
    2. Transportation (Dore Méad, Kevin Upton) — Kevin Upton report that the City/County/Neighborhood Task Group appointed to study the reversion of streets in the area to their historic two-way traffic flow pattern has met twice and that the discussions have been productive and positive.
    3. Livability (Barry Clegg) — no report.
    4. Economic Development (Kevin Upton) — no report.
  6. Other Business and Announcements

  7. Adjourn

Agenda subject to change — order of items may be changed

NIEBNA invites and encourages participation by every resident to each of its programs, services and events. If you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please contact us at least five (5) days before the event directly as noted below, through Minnesota Relay Services at 1-800-627-3529, or by dialing 7-1-1.