Meeting time and location – January  18, 2018 6:30pm to 8:00pm, Riverplace 


  1. Call to Order — meeting called to order by President Grambsch  ay 6:35pm (Attendee Sign-in Sheet here)

    1. Verification of Quorum – Quorum is 7 Directors present; 14 Directors were present (Director Attendance list here); Quorum verified.
    2. Approval of Agenda    approved by unanimous voice vote with the added item of the appointment of Carole Merrill to the Board.
    3. Approval of  November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes (draft minutes here) — approved by unanimous vote.
  2. NIEBNA Administrative Matters

    1. Financial and Business Matters
      1. Treasurer Report (Lisa Hondros) – Association is solvent with a cash balance of over  $4,000 available; nothing for Board action or approval since October 2017 meeting. No financial matter requiring Board action since the last meeting. [Board action: none]
      2. Approval of Expense Payments –  $100 to Sentinel for room rental  [Board action: approved]
      3. Other Financial and Business Matters – None
    2. Other Business
      1. 2018 Meeting schedule — 3rd Thursday of the month — venue either Riverplace, DeLaSalle or other local venue. [Board action: approved]
      2. Appointment of Carole Merrill to the vacant seat in Group A.  [Board action: approved]
  3. Presentations

    1. Council Member report (Steve Fletcher, CM 3rd Ward) — Steve gave a general report on how things are pulling together for the new Council session including his committee assignments, his plans for constituent outreach via morning and evening meetings, a 3rd Ward Newsletter, and Wednesday evening “office hours” in various locations around the ward.
    2. Various policing matters in the Neighborhood (Lt. Richard Sheldon, 2nd Precinct Midwatch Commander) — Lt Sheldon discussed and answered questions about a variety of issues  including (a) how to report noise and other complaints (call 911 for serious issues needing immediate police response, 311 to report an incident for the record), (b) described the plans, which are very extensive, for handling “Super Bowl Effects”, both City-wide and in the NIEB neighborhood  and (c) the purpose and use of the “Ghost Squad” car. [Board action: None]
    3. Handling bar closing noise issues  ( Charles Lodge,  Jon Provenzano, and Jake Polt Honey/Ginger Hop) — Charles discussed how Ginger Hop / Honey handles noise issues around closing time (attached letter here) and that they are and will continue to be in full compliance with relevant City ordinances and permits. The issue was discussed informally which raised everyone’s awareness these and other issues in a neighborhood district of mix residential and commercial activities.  [Board action: none]
    4.  “Minneapolis 911 Community Outreach and Education” presentation (Heather Hunt, City of Minneapolis) — Heather gave an overview and answered questions about 911 services in Minneapolis. She specifically called attention to the new “Call if you Can, Text if you Can’t”  service to contact 911 via text (Text-to-911 Fact Sheet here). In addition to discussing recent changes and updates to Minneapolis 911 operations to handle calls during routine times, Heather also discussed services during special events like the Super Bowl.   [Board action: none]
    5. Issues with the inappropriate color temperature of new LED street lights (Mike Welton, NIEBNA Board) —  Mike discussed issues regarding plans by Xcel and the City to install new street lights in the neighborhood using a very cold (bright white-blue spectrum) color temperature. Mike pointed out that while such lights may be appropriate for traffic lanes, they are inappropriate for pedestrian-oriented sidewalks in residential areas.  [Board Action: resolution to request that warmer color temperature lights be installed was passed by unanimous vote]
    6.  “Open Streets” Event on East Hennepin in  2018 (Nick Ray, Open Streets) — Nick discussed and answered questions about the Open Streets concept (website here), both in general and with regard the planned 2018 Open Streets event in the Neighborhood scheduled for the Fall. Nick said that the major change compared to 2017 will be that north of the RR tracks the route will use Monroe St NE rather than 5th St NE.  Nick said that local neighborhood support was an important consideration in putting on Open Streets events and asked for our support.  [Board Action: Passed by unanimous vote a resolution supporting the idea of having an Open Streets event in the Neighborhood in 2018 using the proposed route on Monroe St NE.]
    7. Comment on application by Cafe Bohemia to expand the liquor license from wine & beer to a full liquor license – this item was added to the agenda at the last minute. The Board discussed the matter but decided to take no action.
  4. NIEBNA Projects and Status Reports — Mostly updates

    1. NRP Phase 2 Next Steps and Preparation for 2018 (Lisa Hondros, Victor Grambsch) — Action deferred to a later meeting.
    2. Nicollet Island Natural  Resources Management Plan (NRMP) Project (Lisa Hondros) — Lisa discussed the status of the project by the Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR) and supported by NIEBNA to develop an NRMP  for the Island. Lisa than requested a Board resolution to (a) approve the NRMP draft that was presented at the November 2017 Board meeting,  and (b) support expansion of the scope to include land and shoreline on the west side of the Island as well as the east side. [Board Action: requested resolution passed by unanimous vote.]
  5. NIEBNA Committee Reports

    1. Technology (Michael Guncheon) —  No report.
    2. Transportation  – No report.
    3. Livability (Barry Clegg) – No report.
    4. Economic Development  — No report.
  6. ,  Announcements and FYI — none

  7. Other Business  – None

  8. Adjourn

    Minutes Prepared by P. Victor Grambsch and Pam Kaufman