Meeting time and location

April 20, 2017
6:30PM to 8:00PM
DeLaSalle High School
1 DeLaSalle Place — on Nicollet Island
(Use leftmost door closest to Downtown)


  1. Call to Order

    1. Verification of Quorum
    2. Approval of Agenda
    3. Approval of  March  2017 Board Meeting Minutes (minutes here)
  2. NIEBNA Administrative Matters

    1. Financial and Business Matters
    2. Treasurer Report (Lisa Hondros)
    3. Approval of Expense Payments –none
    4. Other Financial and Business Matters – none
    5. Other Business
      1. Status Report: Community Participation Program (CPP) Final Report for 2014-2016 submitted pursuant to resolution at March 2017 Board Meeting.
      2. Status Report: CPP Plan for 2017 specifically, and for 2017-2019 in general, must be drafted and approved soon (projected as main topic for May 2017 Board Meeting)  
      3. Status Report: Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP) Phase 2 status:
        1. Basic Application: approved by Neighborhood and Community Relations (NCR) Department and City Council. [Board action: none  required at this time.] 
        2. Expand Application: NIEBNA will receive $52,836.08 in NRP Phase 2 funds that were formerly frozen by the City Council. Our Basic Application will have to be revised include these funds. [Board action required: none at April meeting; approval of the draft Expanded Phase 2 Application & Plan at the May meeting ]
    6. Meeting schedule for Summer and Fall
      1. May — May 10, 2017 (Board Meeting)
      2. June — No meeting
      3. July  — July 13, 2017 (Board Meeting)
      4. August  — No meeting
      5. September — September 14, 2017 (Annual Meeting)
    7. Meeting day of Week Change? It has been suggested that the meeting day of week be moved to Monday from Thursday. There might be fewer schedule conflicts. To be discussed.
  3. Presentations

    1. Nord Haus (nee Superior Plating) Phase 2 (30-40 minutes) — the full development of the former Superior Plating site was always going to be done is phases; except that there would be future phase(s), Lennar Multifamily Communities (LMC) was clear that they had no particular design or schedule for development beyond Nord Haus (aka Phase 1). Their attitude was “let’s see how Phase 1 goes — sooner or later there will be a Phase 2 although there may be some delay and time gap between the phases”. Due to very high market demand for Nord Haus, Lennar is now moving on to Phase 2 without delay. Jon Fletcher, LMC Senior Development Manager for Nord Haus, will present the proposed design that calls for a 28-story tower and attached parking garage (information on proposed design here) (STAWNO Comments and Suggestions here). [Board Actions: (a) support/oppose general design including granting variances and conditional use permits necessary, and (b) specify our preferences regarding ground level design, especially with regard to retail spaces.]
    2. Mortenson / US Bank Site development (30-40 minutes) —  in July 2015, Mortenson presented a proposed design for a podium-and-tower building for this site (information on 2015 proposal here) and the Board supported the proposal. For various reasons, the project became inactive. Now, Mortenson is proposing a revised design for the site that in some ways is similar to the 2015 design and in some ways quite different (information on proposed design here). Brent Webb, Mortenson Development Manager for the site, will present and discuss the current proposal. [Board Actions: (a) support/oppose general design including granting variances and conditional use permits necessary, and (b)  specify any preferences with regard to ground level design, especially with regard to retail spaces and activation of the sidewalks.]
  4. NIEBNA Projects and Status Reports

    1. Status Report: Developing the natural resources implementation plan covering the Not-a-Lot area on the east bank of  Nicollet Island (Lisa Hondros)
    2. Update:  status of Nicollet Island – Boom Island Bridge renovation (Lisa Hondros) — do we need to take further action?
    3. Update: project improve appearance of bridges over railroad tracks (Kevin Upton)
    4. Drafting CPP 2017-2019 Plan — we have to complete this step before any funds can be spent  [Board Action: taking steps to “make it happen”]
    5. Revising NRP Phase 2 Application and Plan — we have to complete this step before any funds can be spent  [Board Action: taking steps to “make it happen”]
  5. NIEBNA Committee Reports

    1. Technology (Michael Guncheon) –No Report
    2. Transportation (Dore Mead) – No report
    3. Livability (Barry Clegg) – No Report
    4. Economic Development (Kevin Upton) — No Report
  6. Other Business and Announcements — and FYI

  7. Adjourn

NIEBNA invites and encourages participation by every resident to each of its programs, services and events. If you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please contact us at least five (5) days before the event directly as noted below, through Minnesota Relay Services at 1-800-627-3529, or by dialing 7-1-1.