NIEBNA represents a small neighborhood and does not have a permanent sitting land use or other similar committee.  For larger projects, we may create an ad hoc task force to review prior to Board consideration, but most proposals are generally considered by the full Board.


Developers seeking approval or endorsement of NIEBNA should anticipate that NIEBNA consideration and deliberation will take at least two NIEBNA meeting cycles.  Smaller matters (e.g. signage or minor license changes for existing uses) may be, but will not necessarily be, resolved in a single cycle.  NIEBNA will generally not approve last minute, ”need this for next week’s Planning Committee meeting” type requests.

Small Area Plan

NIEBNA’s small area plan is here.

Every proposal for new development should call out:

(i) how the proposed development meets the objectives of the plan, and

(ii) how the proposed development is NOT consistent with the plan.

A discussion of how a project fits with the small area plan should be central to any presentation to the NIEBNA Board.

Zoning Changes and Conditional Use Permits

Any presentation should highlight any requested zoning changes and conditional use permits.

Stage of Design

Developers frequently have come to us with preliminary designs, where exteriors and finishes are conceptual and not final.  NIEBNA encourages developers to work with us at an early stage and will happily provide feedback at any stage of a proposal.  Final approval and endorsement will not be given until design is substantially complete and will be subject to revocation if final design changes from what was presented to the NIEBNA Board.