Sometimes matters arise which cannot be handled conveniently in the context of Board meetings – for example, larger development projects requiring extended discussion with developers, City staff, the local business community and adjacent neighborhoods. 

In these cases, the NIEBNA Board creates an ad hoc Task Group to handle the matter. While it will be chaired by a NIEBNA Board member, Task Group members will include Board members, members of the NIEBNA community at large, representatives from adjacent neighborhoods and local businesses, City staff (ex officio), and others. 

The Task Group meets with developers, City staff and members of the community as needed to handle the matter. While there is no set schedule for a Task Group, usually there will be multiple meetings over a 4 to 6 month period with the schedule determined by the pace at which the project evolves.

In the end, the Task Group will make a recommendation for action to the NIEBNA Board and the boards of the other participating organizations. The Task Group is then disbanded.

Please note that this page is an archive of Task Groups that have completed their work — they are not active. Archives of documents relating to the task groups can be found by clicking on the links below.

Nye’s Task Group #1 – (2015)

Superior Plating Task Group #5 – (2014-2015)

Superior Plating Task Group #4 – (2014)

Superior Plating Task Group #3 – (2013)

Superior Plating Task Group #2 – (2012)

Grain Belt Sign Task Group (2010)

1997 Charette Review (2008)

Superior Plating Task Group #1 – (2006)

Mathwig 110 6th St NE (2005)

Eastgate Cobalt Lunds Task Force (ETF) – 2004