The Nicollet Island – East Bank Neighborhood Association (NIEBNA) is a Minnesota non-profit corporation with 501c(3) tax exempt status with the IRS.

The current Bylaws and Organizing documents of the Association were adopted in 2011 to replace outdated documents dating from the 1970s.

Purpose and Role of the Association

  • To represent the neighborhood in official actions before the City, the Park Board and other units of government. Usually, this involves zoning variances, conditional use permits and business licenses for new developments and/or temporary changes like street closures for events or construction. Practically every Board meeting has at least one such item on the agenda. The Board will adopt and communicate a resolution to appropriate parties either in support (much coveted) or in opposition.  
  • To maintain a good working relationship with the local business community and the Northeast Business Association (NEBA) since the success of the neighborhood is enhanced by cooperation.
  • To appoint representatives to various committees, commissions and task groups that — in the “Minneapolis Way” — allow and encourage citizen involvement with, and comment on, a wide range of topics.
  • To inform the residents and other stakeholders about events, legislation, government policies, city plan changes, and other things affecting the neighborhood. To this end we have periodic Q&A session with elected representatives and professionals from police, fire and other City, County and State government agencies and departments. 
  • To provide a forum for presentations by many groups regarding a wide range of interesting subjects, events and causes. 
  • To sponsor, co-sponsor or support neighborhood events that make living here so interesting.
  • To develop and maintain the NIEBNA Small Area Plan which will provide the framework for guiding future development and re-development of the neighborhood.
  • To be the focal point for resolution of specific problems that inevitably crop up from time to time in city living – sometimes resolution is informal, other times resolution requires action by one or more City departments. 

In summary, our real role is to pay attention to what is happening in and around the neighborhood, both specific events and longer term trends, so that we do not get caught off guard, so that we can take prompt action to remedy problems, and so that we can take proactive actions to improve the quality of life in the Nicollet Island East Bank neighborhood.