NIEBNA operates under the supervision and direction of its Board of Directors.  Directors are elected for three (3) year terms at the NIEBNA Annual Meeting.

The Board elects the officers of the corporation (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and will fill seats that become vacant.  The current size of the board is 21.

Per the Bylaws:


A Director must be a Member of the Association. At least 80% of the Directors shall be residents of the Neighborhood.

Size and Tenure

The Board of Directors shall consist of the number of Directors determined by the Board from time to time, provided that there shall be at least 10 Directors, including officers, each of whom shall serve for a term of three (3) years or until the next annual meeting following the anniversary of his or her election.

Current Board

Group Name Type Organization Office
B Beddow, Craig Resident Marquette Townhomes
C Casey, Nancy Institutional Lourdes Church
C Clegg, Barry Resident Nicollet Island Vice President
A Grambsch, Victor Resident Lourdes Square President
A Guncheon, Michael Business/Land Owner HDMG
C Hondros, Lisa Resident Nicollet Island Treasurer
A Johnson, Rodd Resident Village Lofts
A Kaufman, Pam Resident  La Rive
A Kranz, Keri Resident Nicollet Island
C Larkey, John Resident Village Lofts
A Mead, Dore Resident Pinnacle/Falls
C Meehan, Jeffrey Resident Village Townhomes  Police Liaison
C Melzer, Leo Business/Land Owner Melzer Investments
A Parkin, Scitt Business Verve Realty
B Rosenberg, Steve Resident Nicollet Island
B Sheran, Thomas Resident Village Lofts
B Stellar, Judith Resident La Rive
C Upton, Kevin Resident Marquette Townhomes  NEBA Liaison
B Watkins, Kyle Resident  Cobalt
B Welton, Mike Resident  Calumet Lofts
B Wright, Jeff Resident  Lourdes square


Term Expiration:  Group A in 2016 and every third year thereafter; Group B in 2018 and every third year thereafter, Group C in 2017 and every their year thereafter.

NIEBNA Appointments / Representatives

Board / Commission / Organization NIEBNA Appointment
Above the Falls Citizen Advisory Committee Primary Not active
Alternate Not active
MPRB Central Riverfront Planning CAC Barry Clegg (Primary)
Lisa Hondros (Alternate)
St. Anthony Falls Historic District Community Advisory Group (CAG) Edna Brazitis
BF Nelson Park Planning CAG Lisa Hondros
Edna Brazitis
Central – Nicollet Transit Alternative Technical / Citizen Advisory Committee Kevin Upton
Dore Mead
Betty Folliard
Minneapolis Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) CAC Victor Grambsch
Minneapolis Riverfront Corporation Board Carlotta Sweet – DMNA (Primary)
Pending (Alternate)
Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee Kevin Upton
NIEBNA Police Liaison / 3rd Ward CARE Representative Jeffrey Meehan
Neighborhood & Community Engagement Commission (NCEC) Doron Clark

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