Monthly Board Meetings

The Board has scheduled monthly Board of Director meetings, usually the 4th Tuesday of the month (see calendar). The venue varies including Ginger Hop, Lourdes Church, and Riverplace (Wilde Roast / Mattie’s) since these locations have rooms an appropriate size for our meetings.

Board meetings are public and everyone is invited to attend and participate.

Date and Venue

Both the date and the venue are sometimes changed due to schedule conflicts and venue availability – always check the NIEBNA web site Calendar beforehand to verify details. 

August and November & December meetings

The August Board meeting is held only if there is pressing business that cannot be delayed. Also, the November and December meetings are usually combined into a single meeting in early December. The Board gets to take vacation and celebrate holidays like the rest of us – at least in most years.


The agenda is determined about 7 to 10 days before the meeting and posted to the NIEBNA web site (see Calendar). However, agenda items can be added and/or dropped right up to the start of the meeting.  

Anyone may propose items for the agenda (using the contact form). Also, anyone may request to make a presentation and/or to solicit support from the Board on any topic of interest.

The Board reserves the right to limit the time devoted to any presentation and topic, however.