NIEBNA operates under the supervision and direction of its Board of Directors.  Currently, Board has is 21 members. Directors are organized into 3 groups of 7 members. At the NIEBNA Annual Meeting each year, one group is elected to a 3-year term. 

The Board elects the officers of the corporation (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and can also fill seats that become vacant.  

Per the Bylaws:


A Director must be a Member of the Association. At least 80% of the Directors shall be residents of the Neighborhood.

Size and Tenure

The Board of Directors shall consist of the number of Directors determined by the Board from time to time, provided that there shall be at least 10 Directors, including officers, each of whom shall serve for a term of three (3) years or until the next annual meeting following the anniversary of his or her election.

Current Board

Group A -- Term Expires in 2019 and every 3rd years thereafter
Guncheon, MichaelBusiness/Land OwnerHDMG
Johnson, RoddResidentVillage Lofts
Kaufman, PamResidentLa RiveSecretary
Kranz, KeriResidentNicollet Island
Mead, DoreResidentPinnacle/Falls
Merrill, CaroleResidentM
Group B Term Expires in 2020 and every 3rd years thereafter
Beddow, CraigResidentMarquette Townhomes
Rosenberg, SteveResidentNicollet Island
Sheran, ThomasResidentVillage Lofts
Watkins, KyleResidentCobalt
Welton, MikeResidentCalumet Lofts
Segal, StephenResidentVillage Lofts
-- Open --
Group C -- Term Expires in 2018 and every 3rd years thereafter
Casey, NancyInstitutionalLourdes Church
Clegg, BarryResidentNicollet IslandPresident
Hondros, LisaResidentNicollet IslandTreasurer
Larkey, JohnResidentVillage Lofts
Meehan, JeffreyResidentVillage TownhomesPolice Liaison; MPCA Liaison
Melzer, LeoBusiness/Land OwnerMelzer Investments
-- Open --

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